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Kanye West The Beatles Earning More Than Madonna Kanye West

They could be divided almost 40 years ago, but the Beatle raked in more moolah in recent years Madonna and Kanye West. Together with companies of the two dead members of the band, the two surviving members of the Fab Four has received 35. The four parties - Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and companies and non-John Len George Harrison - are the main shareholders of the company that has managed the interests of the Beatles since 1960, reports Times Online. 1million pounds in dividends from Apple Corps, the company that represents legends of pop commercial interests.
17.12.08 18:44

Tim Mcgraw Records With Billboard Quot Top Pop Artist Of 2008

In an article in Billboard, Brown said he and McGraw have recorded a song called human .. Tim McGraw like stray outside the country at the fence. Now McGraw has teamed up with teen R B star Chris Brown. There was the coup has recorded with rap artist Nelly, over and over. It has worked with Def Leppard on Nine Lives .
17.12.08 18:44

Stupid Dragonball Movie Getting Stupid Psp Game

In fact, lately we I saw a trend of big games to hit everything but the PSP, so this is a kind of reverse reality bizarro world what we are, sort of strange how the parallel Earth where do Dragonball live action film d Seemed like a good idea. The little blurb for the next Japanese Non PSP title t reveal much outside of a March 2009 release date, and only lists the PSP as a platform, which is a bit strange in this movie where the old tie-ins hit each platform possible.
17.12.08 18:44

Four Celebrity Haunts In Three Hours For On The Go Lily Allen

The singer began her prowl around the city ivy l Club before chalking private visits to the Groucho Club, Scotts restaurant and, finally, the Mayfair Hotel at 2:15 a.m... Lily Allen proved quite the girl on the city last night after stopping in no less than four celebrity haunts in a matter of hours.
17.12.08 18:44

Ben Affleck Shows His Gratitude

A player has the good fortune of working with Ben over the weekend, where the actor has joined thousands of volunteers from Operation gratitude, a non-prof managed volunteer organization that sends more than 100,000 letters and care packages to troops stationed on each seas year. Each package costs 10 dollars for shipping.. This year, however, the organization is short $ 200,000, they need to send the remaining 20,000 packages.
17.12.08 18:44


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